The Benefits of Plums

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Green plums are the raw fruits of the plum tree. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and contain high amount of soluble fiber. Eating green plums daily during the season would help in proper bowel movements of the human body because it helps in digestion of food.



Nutritional Value of Green Plums

Green plums are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, sodium, potassium, protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and phyto-nutrients

10 Best Health Benefits of Green Plums

Digestion: Eating green plums increases the fiber intake in the body and helps in good digestion. One should eat green plums daily during the summer season for proper bowels.

Avoids Constipation:Since green plums are rich in vitamin C and digestible fiber, it helps the stomach keep away from constipation and flatulence

Builds Immune System:Regular consumption of green plums in the summers would help build immune system naturally. This keeps the body fit and away from many health problems too.

Dental Care: Eating green plums regularly would help keep the gums healthy resulting in strong and healthy teeth. One also remains away from the tooth aches, gums bleeding and bad odor after consuming the raw plums

Prevents Anemia:Green plums aids iron absorption in the body resulting. Moreover, the diseases related to lack of red blood cells like anemia are prevented due to the rich content of vitamin C in the plums

Helps Body Toning:Vitamin C helps in connective tissues in the human body. This keeps the body toned looking younger, healthier and fit

Weight Loss:Excess fats in the body are cut down due to the high content of vitamin C in the green plums. Eating more green plums in the salad would help reduce the belly fat and would benefit in the weight loss too. In addition to that they are low in calories, a medium size green plum has almost 10calories .

Prevents Internal Damage:Since green plums are antioxidants, they prevent internal damage to the fats in the brain and blood stream. The cells of the body remain protected keeping one healthier and young

Lungs Care:Those who eat more green plums remain away from lungs problems like asthma, lungs cancer, cold, cough and chronic lungs problems too

Prevents Muscular Degeneration:The age related problems like muscular degeneration where the old people may tend to lose the eyesight can be prevented by consuming green plums regularly.

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